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New Patients

New Patients


30-minute appointment
Oral cancer screening
Comprehensive dental examination
Digital radiographs
Detailed preventative advice
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We welcome new patients to Ardent Dental Care every day. We know that for some people, their first visit can be a daunting experience and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Our friendly reception team will greet you on your arrival and let the dentist know you are waiting.

At your first appointment, we will:

  • take a medical history
  • ask about your oral health since your last examination and whether you have any pain or concerns about your teeth or mouth.
  • your dentist will carry out a thorough examination. This will include a check of your gums, cheeks and tongue as well as your teeth.
  • we will give you advice on how you can maintain or improve your oral hygiene. This may include tips on how to improve your brushing technique and changes to your eating habits.
  • sometimes, we may do other special tests such as x-rays or photographs may be recommended.
  • we will then form a tailor-made plan that has your individual needs and wishes in mind.

Even if you do not have any dental problems, we recommend regular dental examinations. Regular check-ups let you spot issues in their early stages, so you can get them treated before they cause any serious damage. Some people will need more check-ups than others. Your dentist will be able to work out a schedule that’s right for you.

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